Providing solutions for building smart factory of sewing industry


Deep-Learning based Defects Detection System

We will contribute to make a paradigm that secures competitiveness by improving factory productivity through smart factorization rather than moving factories to areas where labor costs are low.

01. Deep Learning-based Inspection Automation
  • The rule-based inspection automation requires rule inspection whenever varieties are increased due to the nature of sewing industry that produces all the different varieties.
  • NEXTLab has been developing image processing-based inspection automation solution that can constantly improve the performance based on the qualified Deep Learning-based optimization technology.
02. Competence/Quality Monitoring
  • The sewing industry is an industry that is difficult to replace all the people through automation equipment like robot.
  • Instead of researching technology that replaces more people, we have been developing solutions that evaluate competence and monitor production quality by analyzing people’s behavior patterns.