[NEWS] 1st export, Beyond X-Ray

In October 2019, NEXTLab achieved its first export to Vietnam and Indonesia.

No.1 export of NEXTLab is Beyond X-Ray.
This machine provides high inspection performance by upgrading existing X-Ray machine.

Beyond X-Ray has a high detection capability to detect even 1mm of foreign matter in the product.

Also, the device, which is based on more than 200,000 extensive field data, is a device that has been developed.
The detection rate is about 98.9%, which is very accurate and provides quick test results.

It is designed to sit in front of the monitor to check for foreign objects and simply operate with a joystick.

In the case of conventional inspection methods, it took a long time and it was difficult to pinpoint foreign substances.

However, after the introduction of NEXTLab Beyond X-Ray, the efficiency of work has improved and employee satisfaction has been very high.

NEXTLab is making continuous improvements to provide a more performance detection model, a more user-friendly interface.

Based on the successful performance of local companies, we hope that we can help not only bags and clothing but also various businesses in the future.

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