[SHOW] VTG 2019

Free from foreign metal objects in your products!

NEXTLab will participate in the November 20-23 VTG 2019.
I think it will be even more glorious to have NEXTLab participate in this year’s 19th traditional deep fair.


Beyond AI X-Ray is an automated foreign metallic objects detection system.
The system can detect various types of foreign objects by using Deep learning- based Image processing technology.
Your factory’s X-Ray machine can be converted easily into Automated Detection System by simply adding ‘Beyond AI X-Ray’ to your machine.

1. Applicable Products : Every Sewing-based Products
– Shoes, Apparels | – Backpacks, Handbags

2. Accuracy & Performance
– 0.9 seconds for detecting | – 98% of foreign metallic objects detection accuracy

3. X-Ray machine compatibilities
– Every X-Ray machines which are operating under Microsoft Windows O/S (XP or higher)

4. Customers
– Pungkook Saigon III | – Pungkook Indonesia One

NEXTLab is located in booth 543.
If you have a chance, visit our booth.
Send product and technical questions to ‘sales@nextlab.co.kr‘ and we will answer them in detail.

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