[NEWS] Introduce a STB Multimeter

NEXTLab will introduce STB Multimeter! The clean and compact set-top box is small in appearance but can use all the functions used in the existing STB Station Single equipment the same. In [...]

[WORKSHOP] 2020 New Year’s Workshop

NEXTLab went to the New Year’s workshop in 2020. We spent three days together from Jan. 9-11, 2020. The workshop of NEXTLab employees, who are good at work but also play well, was like a [...]

[NEWS] 1st export, Beyond X-Ray

In October 2019, NEXTLab achieved its first export to Vietnam and Indonesia. No.1 export of NEXTLab is Beyond X-Ray. This machine provides high inspection performance by upgrading existing X-Ray [...]

[CONFERENCE] SK ICT Tech Summit 2019

NEXTLab visited SK ICT Tech Summit 2019 at Walkerhill Theater & Vista Hall in October 28 and 29. *NEXTLab did not have a separate booth, but participated as a demonstration assistant and [...]

[TEAMDAY] 2019-11-12

NEXTLAB’s Third Team Day The NEXTLab’s welfare system, which went into effect this year, is the third time of ‘Team Day’. Unlike the previous team day, which was divided by each [...]

[SHOW] VTG 2019

Free from foreign metal objects in your products! NEXTLab will participate in the November 20-23 VTG 2019. I think it will be even more glorious to have NEXTLab participate in this year’s [...]

[NEWS] 2019-10-16 NEXTLab Selected Best Company for Work Innovation

업무와 생활 균형의 고용환경, 즉 워라밸을 조성하기 위해 근무혁신 우수기업을 선정하고 인센티브를 부여, 기업의 자발적이고 적극적인 근무혁신을 유도하고자 2019년부터 시행된 ‘근무혁신 인센티브제’라는 제도가 있습니다. 주관은 고용노동부, 운영기관은 노사발전재단으로 올해부터 신설운영되는 제도인데 차별화된 복지와 환경을 자신하는 [...]

[WORKSHOP] 2019-10-08 3Q Workshop

넥스트랩의 3분기 워크샵이 지난 10월 8일에 진행되었습니다. 항상 분기 별 목표와 성과를 공유하는 결산시간이 있었지만, 이번 워크샵은 딱딱한 진행을 과감히 버리고 평소보다 가벼운 주제로 진행되었습니다. 이번 워크샵의 첫 순서는 해외 출장의 고충을 유쾌하게 풀어낸 윤영주 선임의 발표였습니다. ‘그것이 알고싶다’를 패러디한 [...]

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