Beyond the Limits of the Actual Operating Environment with Deep Learning Solution Beyond Learning

1. Integrated Monitoring and Log Analysis System
  • Improve operational efficiency by automating service monitoring, detection alerts, and analysis reporting through new cluster deployments.

<Development of Network Inspection Checklist Tools (2019)>


<Developing Verification Management/Comparison Analysis Tool for the whole vehicle (2018)>


<Develop Network Visualization Tools (2016)>

2. Deep Learning Based Braking Optimization System
  • Overcomes the limitations of the real operating environment through a deep learning based parameter optimization system.
(1) Generate Learning Data (2) Performing Deep Learning (3) Predicting and Optimizing Results
  • Automate learning data generation and storage processes using commercial CARSIM simulators
  • Minimize learning data generation period by developing scheduleers and interlocking API
  • Model as a deep enough network using the latest deep learning learning methods (ReLU, DropOut, Batch Normalization, etc.) and enable learning without overfitting (more than 90% Acuracy)
  • Quickly predict results with learned classification models
  • Optimize parameters in the same way as Genetic Algorithm if learned models are available
3. Development of Deep Learning Based Vehicle Recognition System
  • We have a variety of scalability features including vehicle recognition based on the Heat Map, Fake reading through the photo texture recognition, and damage identification using the deep learning algorithm.
Deep Learning Based Vehicle Recognition Demo