[WORKSHOP] 2020 New Year’s Workshop

NEXTLab went to the New Year’s workshop in 2020. We spent three days together from Jan. 9-11, 2020.
The workshop of NEXTLab employees, who are good at work but also play well, was like a festival.

We took a commemorative photograph.

We had the time to announce the results of 2019 and to announce who was promoted, and to announce “the most proud project” by team.

Congratulations on your promotion!

Also, Ji-woong was voted select the most popular people in NEXTLab.

We had a time to play games in the evening.

On the next day of the workshop, the event was divided into ski team and trout fishing team.

We were able to participate actively and successfully finish the workshop.

I hope many wonderful things will happen to NEXTLab in 2020.

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